I’m taking your creativity back CHINA

I barely graduated last August after I studied at 5 places in 3 continents.Now,I am doing my second internship in Chicago in a small tech education company.I worked only two days a week but I am too busy to find another job. I am busy at dreaming,thinking and learning:my mind is about to explore sometimes and I have to walk along the Michigan lake to chill myself.

my though decision
I came to US three and half years ago (my third universities).In terms of my study path, my experiences wasn’t unique, not even special here where 40 percent of freshman dropped out at art school(SAIC). However, the following descriptions are the mainstream comments from Chinese side:STUPID,CRAZY,NON-SENSE,WEIRED… I am fully understand and here comes why:

I made at the last circle of Chinese Education, taking the national exam in 2010. The total number 511537 students in my province(Sichuan) were fighting after more than 12 years of study , and our goal is to get one of very limited spots.Eventually,10 out of 100 can go to level 1 schools, where only twenty percent of Level 1 students study Wen (politics, geography and history), and I am one of them.The rest of graduates are considered as a group with”no good future”.

I put the early story on the table so to compare my ending , where I got my degree at Americans’ nowhere land-a small town in Iowa. I was questioned often, don’t you know there are so many schools between Iowa And Los Angeles, right? They did’t get the point, and I know you do: I paid more than 20 times expenses simply on my tuition fee, and study in a campus town where my Chinese fellows either skipped the exam or their Chinese universities are too bad to consider.

Nobody asked my why I dropped the school since the inherent image is there: bad student drops. For me, I think it worse to voluntarily stay at the prison without any thoughts or even dare to think.I was never labeled as creative in school, actually most of teacher told me I should work harder in stead of spending time on thinking and asking questions irrelevant to studies.

Before creative thoughts

In US,being yourself and being creative is encouraged and wildly received in society.But if you live in a society in which you cannot even speak your mind, how could you see the value of being different.I was never labeled as creative in school, actually most of teacher told me I should work harder in stead of spending time on thinking and asking questions irrelevant to studies.

How could nobody say a word that our university (back my home) is actually a continues high school? Simply because one routine added to the boring campus: free to have sex? I didn’t know what to do, and have no idea about the future. But I have to quit, you can see I am a coward.

There is no way to measure our choices as good or bad.While the goddess is no good if we fell nothing in our heart. Five years later, I have’t receive any benefits on my career(2 unpaid internship,no job, and sooner expired US visa) and I still happy that I can fell my pain, that vivid image of myself who made her own choice.

Why would we care our future as much as we ignore this moment? How can we fell unpainful when we even dare to look at old me?
It is this pain that keeps inform myself every day.This pain tells me that the education is the same everywhere unless one get the point to study.And the same pain teach me that choosing myself is the solid foundation to create values to my family and the society.

If anybody ask me why those Americans are so great on generating business, I would say they take their own business seriously. The are not joking about what they are doing, and then creativity comes later.

this power leads the rest of the world

The company (I am doing intern ) now provides many digital courses and students have small group training. I met one 40 something student taking her video editing class to prepare her coaching business, she is a career consultant. Wow, I thought, those crazy Americans never stop breaking themselves no matter how old they are!

what is creativity? Is there a difference beyond the country or regions?
One friend told me she started a clothing business located at one of the most expensive mall in Chengdu, Sichuan. (like Michigan Ave in Chicago) Her business is operated well by buying clothing from New York and sell it maybe 10 times higher in store.We call this Chinese Smart(largely describe the business man , and bossiness is not a respectful career in Old China, it’s a negative word).She has a typical Chinese smart shop, but it’s not the whole story.

For thousands of years that we refuse to give “business” a proper identity, and we consider business has nothing to do with creativity-one soundly title for scientists. That’s why people largely relate the “entrepreneurship“ and “entrepreneurs ” to the high tech company.It’s high-level, it’s expensive and it’s very American.

So, where are creative Chinese? Why we copy so many ideas from US, like Weibo(from twitter) and Zhihu(from Quora)?
I guess we don’t know their names cause they are not the boss.A handful of salt tastes nothing if the size of pot is as big as a man. Most of people follow the rules and a small group constantly break themselves.

As long as the small group is big enough on scale,they impact the rest of the society. That’s what happened in US, where there are extremely creative leaders and people follow them to change.

creative suit:thinking and doing

But Is that everyone can be creative? Why I see every business try to do something so to get comment as “creative” even they just follow others? The illusion is bigger and bigger.The real creatives never care names,trends,or size, they focus on weather it’s value adding to their lives, to their family or to whole society.

So,better not to ask how to become creative.Instead, value our own voices first.Thinking creatively is more like problem solving. It’s a process,like design, like running. Like other human activities requires brains and hands: thinking and doing. We just give it a coat when your solution makes other solvers angry because yours cost less and add value.

the last element of American creative nerves
I paid so much to study here and I need to bring my parents some souvenirs, right? I probably steal some the business ideas here, like creating a meet up.cn or even medium.cn (some body did before medium but was shut down shortly, since too many creative people speak).

Or I just go back home to wake the old me up by telling her: it’s true that you are alone,but you have so many unknown friends are like you.For all all your friends and also for you,
the life is more than survival and it’s not a game, which is last rule of being creative.

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