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Heroes do things one man is not capable of , but wish to achieve for thousand times.

Fathers are used to be our heroes. They tell the ancient stories in bedtime, answer all the questions one might have, and most importantly, they can predict the future. They know one will burn the hand if playing with fire, and they know the changed marks on grading paper. For kids, the father is a hero because we want to do anything he can do.

Well, this kid he might proposes differently. In class, When he get asked who is his hero, all fellow classmates laugh as hard as possible on him. And after he tell the story, they all applaud for him...to be exact, for his hero: the dog. It’s a movie about how a dog named Hachi wait for his master everyday at train station, and many years after the death of the master Hachi still keeps the routine. It is a true story and many travelers will visit the status of Hachi in that Japanese town. Done something admired by human-being, a dog our hero.

Who is my hero? I am asking myself when writing this.
I have a hero list. Normally at a specific time, I am very into certain questions and I will looking for my hero to show up, to answer it or guide me. Obviously, my heroes keep changing because my questions keep changing. Or, I haven’t met one hero can help me solve all problems.

Although I am desperate to meet some of my heroes, but I know this is not necessary. They don’t need to show up in my real life, and what they say or what they do is enough to lead me.
Not by buying the hero boots, flashing masks or strawberry smoothies,I need to buy their spirits, the qualities or the other powers.As long as I believe it enough, I will be living in that hero story.

Eventually, heroes are stories we tell.


1.Who is your hero?
2.What is the typical hero in our time?
3.Do we need more heroines?
4.Heroes VS gods?

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