my second loneliness(2)-Our meet up


my second loneliness(2)-Our meet up

I have been staying this Starbucks for about 2 hours, reading The Old Man and The Sea. Grace is the first person show up in our "Light English Corner".

Grace has a red bag

"我太久没有说了",meaning "I haven't speak (English) for a while."
Sitting in an arm chair feels like a hug.
I wouldn't know her age if she did not tell me about her twenty-something daughter.She looks young. Interestingly, she majored in teaching English but her career is teaching Chinese.

she was a little nervous since her red bag lay on her lap for all two hours.

My sister,Alice, carries a family

Sister in Chinese is not sister sister.We are very close relatives.
She came to the meetup to support me.
"Do you have an English name?" ,I asked.
Four of us(all brothers and sisters, in Chinese sense)spent a vacation in Ko Samuai, Thailand last summer. She was a happy mom without any bounds, and not bothered to speak an English word.

"my older English teacher gave me the name."

Linda is still hanging there.

She always wears strong colors, and blue is her mood today.Linda is Alice's friend.

No matter how* wired* of my lifestyle, people who make this judgements finally find a way to please their unease--time is the killer.
But how generals think thirty something women live still wired? Undoubtedly in this town,She gets audiences, and they all have a line,"you are not young thus not so much time to waste."

Linda said that she already scheduled her plan to further improve English.

A Chinese artist's work on the wall of hotel, he said it takes 15 days,6am-8pm.

Sally wears a glamorous chain

Another group asked if they could join us at the time of 9. They just saw the Wechat and decided to check out.

Other people had left and I was happy to start another round.
Tree pretty girls are Silver, Lilian, and Sally.Sally's husband Adam is ordering the food.They are a team work together.

I can guess Sally's personality from the first glimpse.She is gentle and outgoing, but she has a fort surround.
"The community for us is too small in town." she says.

Adam likes yogurt

We move to another shop to get some yogurt. The so called "hand-made yogurt with purple rice" is Adam's favorite. They brought one for me.

He said now people start to move back from metropolitan to smaller cities. The quality of life, he said, is what they are looking for.Having spent around 10 years in Tianjin, the couple decided to start company here.The main business is translation and education on English.

When we were about to leave, Adam was hesitating to buy another cup for breakfast.
He had a very serious look at that moment.
Then, he walked out the shop.

I guess I would still enjoy the night if nobody came.
What's next?

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